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Artwork by Emma

Experimental and Stylised. A collection of varying size water-colour and oil paintings which are lovingly framed. Landscapes, Flowers and Objects are subjects that will be ever changing like the seasons and painted in different ways. Using different materials and techniques as the moment dictates. The dimensions are for the artwork itself, but the framing can add up to 10cm to the overall size. Should you need the exact dimension of a piece, do not hesitate to contact us.


Acrylic and oil on board 13 x 22cm
water colour and ink - 21 x 29.5 cm
Oil on board - 34 x 45cm
Watercolour on paper with stitching 16 x 16cm
Ink on paper 19.5 x 29cm
Oil on board 24.5 x 30cm
Oil on board 15 x 15cm
Oil on board 15 x 15cm
Watercolour and stitching on paper 16 x 16cm
Oil on board - 20 x 30cm


Water colour and Pencil - 38 x 56 cm
Oil and pencil on paper - 34 x 34cm
Oil on board - 35 x 35cm
oil and pencil on paper - 28 x 28cm
Oil on board - 35 x 35cm
Water colour and pencil - 25 x 30 cm


Oil on board - 24 x 30cm
Oil on board - 35 x 35cm
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