Paint on board using palette knife, scratching and brush techniques

Abstract landscape using oils, acrylics and collage.



Creating landscapes in an abstract way - I am always delighted when I see beautiful colours and textures making a painting talk. A scene, a view, a possible story or just someone's interpretation.

I have been looking and seeing patterns wherever I go - which, of course, isn't far at the moment but this perhaps has taught me to see the beauty in the everyday. Making the most of a misty day and the way the fog obscures things. It hides them and gets us questioning.

With landscapes, I am never going to paint the view perfectly capturing the details (that's Hayden's expertise) instead, I try to take the elements of it, to see the patterns and express the atmosphere. Questions I ask myself are How will I add the paint? What type of paint? What texture produces the feeling?

Well I am still having a go and I will keep producing until I have captured the moment.