After sketching on the Pembrokeshire coast line a new challenge is born. A new painting was inspired by the beautiful rocky coastline with it's summer sea, colours and flora. Hayden wanted to capture the feeling of wind in your hair and the sheerness of the cliff face which had you sometimes feeling dizzy. He wanted to capture this in a detailed oil painting which presented quite a technical challenge. Creating depth by subduing the the distant area and keeping the finer detail in the foreground for the rock, shallow water and flora. Changing the composition half way through was a gamble but as the painting was developing it was clear that the board was too wide, giving the viewer almost too much to take in. So, it was decided to trim the board down in width to create more focus and creating that 'vertigo' feeling.detail of pembrokeshire walk oil painting

Yet to do are the grasses in the foreground and the light reflection on the sea. This poses the biggest challenge of all, getting the movement in the water and the illusion of distance. Good luck Hayden!

This painting will be on the website presented in a handmade frame very soon.coastal walk painting Pembrokeshire