'Can you do something for this wall?'
Answer 'Yes, of course!'.
In a newly painted hallway in a beautiful Georgian house there is a little space on a wall for something pretty. Using the colours of the interior as a guide I was offered a photograph as inspiration. Perfect, this photograph was of a view of this house from the hill opposite where the owner walks her dogs. The scene was set for a very personal piece and maybe a little quirky not unlike it's owner. Using the Autumn scene with it's russet leaves and winter greens I set about creating my take on it. I was soon discovering that I will need to create layers to get to the visual idea I had. So, I started with watercolour and added oil paint marks to get down the shapes and colours. This then needed some texture so pastel scribbles were added. When all was dry it was ready for the sewing machine. I needed to get the sewing lines of the house and the leaves to give detail to the picture and something was missing........the colours needed to be toned down and I needed to add another layer. Collage was the answer, using pieces of old paintings (I have several drawer's worth) I found the colours and textures I needed. Pieces of watercolours, printed textures and sketches were ripped up and cut out to give a little more form and colouring.

To complete the picture a wooden waxed frame and fresh mount was made to make ready for the little space on the wall. 

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