A little trip to the Suffolk coast, a place we have never explored and it didn't disappoint. We went with all the art garb, boxes, bags, paints and books and with a fresh energy we set about touring the area. Being early spring the weather was not on our side but we dressed up warm and were ready for anything.........except for the cold North wind blowing in from the sea! We visited lovely villages and the Coast line around Aldeburgh was stunning. The Scallop sculpture by Maggi Hambling which was a tribute to Benjamin Britten on Aldeburgh beach was just beautiful. Made by local craftsmen Sam and Dennis Pegg the metal pieces welded together took on the texture of the shell and was an absolute pleasure to see. The crunch of the pebbles under foot too was wonderful. It was interesting to see the different buildings, plant life, stone and landscape of another place and it was great to be able to make some sketches as memories. The little fishing sheds on the pebbled beach, the old fishing boats and the old lime rendered buildings that were leaning over the footpaths were glorious. I am sure visiting the countryside in the Summer months would be a joy but somehow the dark skies and rolling murky waves gave the place a gritty presence.