Hayden's sky studies Spring 2020 - oil on canvas

Last Spring in lockdown with time to fill and the ever changing weather drifting by I thought it prudent to get the paints working on sky studies. Well if it's good enough for Constable right?

Luckily we have wonderful views of the sky over the Forest of Dean. By painting at different times of the day and year I hope to practice the techniques of accurately depicting the ever changing mood of the weather, shape of clouds and type of illumination. It's a lesson in observation skills as the sky changes very quickly. Mixing colour quickly and using rapid brush strokes helps to depict the mood. Using little sketches rather than painting a masterpiece also helps with 'loosening up' and trying different techniques.



Sunday 15th March 2020

After a very wet & stormy day it cleared for an hour before raining again.




Monday 4th May 2020

Nice day but a cold wind.