The pattern of things

Some ramblings offered with a hope to entertain and inspire. A monthly view of life in our studio - Ideas are free after all! Lets have a chat about what makes us smile.


at a time

Beauty and meaning in contemporary art

Spencer House Gallery opens their first Christmas Show on 17th November 2022. It is going to be a truly inspirational collection of different techniques and styles.......  more  

Art as therapy in a mad world

I am sharing this blog written by Chris Woodcock from Spencer House Gallery  more  


A new Summer exhibition opens at the Spencer House Gallery in Tetbury.  more  

Crafty commission

A new commission for a piece of artwork for a newly decorated home.  more  

Other parts

A little trip to another part of our beautiful country - Suffolk  more  

Cotswold Living magazine feature

Horseshoe-art feature in Cotswold Living magazine December 2021 issue - talking about art.  more  

Catching the Autumnal colour

A weekend in November catching the beautiful Autumn colours.  more  

A Pembrokeshire coastal walk

Hayden's challenge of creating a painting that gives you the feeling of summer wind in your hair and the view below. Making a detailed painting of the cliff face, cool waters and r...  more  

River Scribbles

Taking inspiration from the area we live and the River Severn with it's changing moods offers plenty.  more  

Sky studies

A never-ending study of skies painted when the moment arrives by Hayden Price.  more  

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